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Our team strives to be by your business’ side in every step of the way. Offering a wide range of services intended to provide the critical resources to perform all administration functions within your organization. For businesses of any size, bundled service packages are tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. Expert solutions – made simple.

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Companies with multiple organizations: each company's set of books will count for one service

Many small businesses are caught unprepared when tax season rolls around, or an increase in credit line is needed for growth. Implementation of proper accounting and financial management protocols is critical to the stability and future of your business.

  • Proper allocation of expenses
  • Maintain general ledger accounts for reports
  • Enter all day-to-day income and expense transactions
  • Accounts payable data reconciliation
  • Accounts receivable data reconciliation
  • Properly furnish all information to requesting departments
  • Reconciling cash register reports, and all credit card and bank statements
  • Auditing all expense accounts/income accounts
  • Answer all accounting inquiries

Accounting Support

Companies with multiple organizations: each company's set of books will count for one service

Due to the current hiring issue, companies are having to "go green" and promoting from within employees that have shown potential to be able to handle their company's set of books; or hiring accounting interns. Our Accounting Support program will assign a skilled and experienced accountant who will bring the necessary guidance and support to your in-house apprentice accountant or accounting intern. They will be hand-held through the entire accounting process from data entry to fully reconciling and providing financials for the decision makers of the company.

  • Monthly 2-hour trainings
  • One in-person quarterly visit (Client or OfficeKEY location)
  • On-demand communication (email, phone calls or texts)
  • End of month reconciliation shadowing/support
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Accounts Payable


Vendor relationships are the backbone of many businesses. Making payments on time not only strengthens relationships with vendors, it also protects both short and long term credit prospects. Management of accounts payable will assure the lights stay on and bills get paid.

  • Prepare monthly calendars for client approval
  • Process payments on behalf of client
  • Maintain and manage a vendor list
  • Keep constant communication with vendors

Additional Meetings


When your company is in full speed ahead growth mode, one financial or check-in meeting a month is not enough. There will be a need to conduct more than one meeting with more than one board member of the company. This additional service will allow you to add up to 5 more one-hour meetings each month to ensure the success of the planning meetings and overall health of the company.

  • Meetings for training up and coming leaders of the company
  • Meetings for strategizing sessions
  • Workshops for learning opportunities
  • Additional financial planning meetings

*Bidding Assistance

(If project award is above $500k, we will need to quote you separately)
4 Phases - each stage counts for one service

The bidding process can be a daunting process for a small business starting to explore this revenue game changer. There are multiple steps to take and a large pool of projects to pick from. It is very hard for a business to know when a good time is to bid and how you will select the best projects for you. T OfficeKEY we have broken down the full bidding process cycle from start to finish into 4 different phases; in which we also help you take into account how you are going to fund the start up of this project and our business managers will help you review your financials to see if your company has enough runway to get it all done and get to the finish line with a healthy profit margin. You don’t have to go it alone or pay the high cost of the learning curve. OfficeKEY’s team of experts have been successfully bidding and winning bids on behalf of their customers since 2014.

*Phase 1-Initiating
  • Initial meeting to assess opportunity/ies
  • Follow-up meeting to identify your resources
  • Responding to invitation
  • Attend any and all key meetings
*Phase 2-Gathering
  • Gathering project details
  • Gathering documentation
  • Organizing plans and specifications
  • Creating a “Takeoffs” Milestone calendar
  • Connecting and organizing the resources
*Phase 3-Submiting
  • Calculating materials and labor costs needed
  • Creating markups, overhead and profit ratios and margins
  • Submittal of all/any questions to the Awarding Body
  • Finalizing the estimate
  • Submittal of bid
Phase 4-Follow Up
  • Support the submittal follow up activity
  • Prepare timeline for project start date
  • Follow up for debriefing if bid not won to gather research notes to improve biddings odds next time
  • Provide templates for future bidding opportunities
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*Budget Creation and Quarterly Analysis


Entrepreneurs often underestimate the value of monthly analyses of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and budgeting, leaving themselves unprepared when assessing future growth and investments. The availability of an accurate and current Profit and Loss statement along with a budget ensures meeting of current financial commitments and planning for expansion.

  • Planning Profitability and Cash Flow review
  • Review Performance against last year/current year targets
  • Define financial year's profit and loss
  • Provide financial information, such as reports, to assist in decision making
  • Provide your key performance indicators
  • Insure you can continue to fund your current financial commitments
  • Insure there are enough funds for your future projects
  • Analyze all your expense accounts including payroll expense

Catch-Up Accounting

STAND ALONE SERVICE (We will need to quote you separately)

Before we start working on your books, we will need them to be up to date. However, we understand that you might be taking care of other business areas and that you might have fallen behind. That’s what we are here for. We have a data entry department that fully focuses on collecting and entering data to capture all income and expenses. We then assign an accountant to clean up and finalize reports so that our business managers can validate and discuss with our business owners or furnish reports to requesting parties. We have a streamlined process that makes life easier for our business owners

  • Collect all bank statements, and credit card statements
  • Enter all data in the corresponding accounts
  • Clean up the transactions and complete proper allocations
  • Conduct multiple hand off meetings to understand fully the accounting processes of your company

*CDTFA Processing


Collecting and reporting sales taxes must be the hardest task a company undertakes on a monthly basis. Running a business is already one of the toughest challenges a person can dare to take on, now add this task and it can nearly shut you down. Did you know that both the IRS and CDTFA have the power to shut you down if you are not paying your taxes responsibly and adding too much tax liability to your company? Our Business Managers and accountants will assist in forming processes specifically tailored for your business operations that will support your cash flow and meet all your CDTFA obligations.

  • Run reports and audit entries to ensure accuracy of tax liabilities
  • Process all pre-payments
  • Establish payment plans
  • Assist with audits
  • File quarterly and annual reports
  • Ongoing account maintenance

Certified Payroll Processing

STAND ALONE SERVICE (We will need to quote you separately)

Certified payroll processing for prevailing wage projects is a high paced time sensitive process within the construction project compliance world. There are fines associated with late filings and delayed project payments when payrolls are not certified in a timely manner. Our LCPTracker certified experts have streamlined this entire process to fully support your team.

  • Uploading documents onto the LCPTracker server or any certified payroll software currently in use
  • Set up, add, edit and remove employees
  • Set up. add, edit and remove subcontractors
  • Daily reportings
  • Weekly reportings
  • Paycheck data entry
  • Benefit maintenance
  • Correcting notices and warnings
  • Processing certifications
  • Records maintenance
  • Monthly payments and reports

Construction Project Compliance

STAND ALONE SERVICE (We will need to quote you separably)

The construction industry has many facets, and they are all important, however, the compliance portion of construction is the lifeline of every project. Without funding things will not get done. That is why hiring a knowledgeable expert to deliver the necessary compliance paperwork is important. Our program supports your projects from start to finish.

  • Full support and management of certified payroll software
  • Full set up of prime and projects with software
  • All data entry compliance in software
  • Preparation of daily reports
  • Preparation of weekly reports (Certified payroll processing is a separate service)
  • Preparation of monthly reports
  • Retrieving wage classification and rates for each employee
  • Managing of fringe benefits reporting
  • Assist with necessary forms required to be in Compliance
  • Uploading of eDocuments
  • Managing and maintaining communication with all parties involved
  • Monthly meetings

*Corporation Compliance


Keeping a company compliant with all federal and governmental agencies can be a daunting task. Each industry and governmental agency is different. Being non-compliant can cause unwanted company closures. Don’t neglect this very important part of your business operation. A company can easily be under reporting which can cause unwanted and detrimental costs, but a company can also be over reporting and spending unnecessary fees jeopardizing the yearly budget. Our compliance team takes the burden off your hands and ensures that your company is reporting on time and only what is necessary.

  • Filing the annual Secretary of State form
  • Sending the annual report to the District Attorney
  • Renewal of your business license
  • Filing of form 571L
  • Additional industry related form to the county, city, state and federal level
Documents icons for Form Processing and Business Documents Services

Development Assistance

5 Stages - each stage counts for one service

Without proper planning, small businesses can suffer a lack of growth and stability. As well, business owners can find themselves unable to move forward with their own vision of retirement and security. Through the 5 phases in a comprehensive development assistance program: Growth – Establishment – Expansion – Maturity – Retirement, entrepreneurs can move forward in their business with unfettered confidence.

Phase 1-Growth
  • Monitor or revise your business plan
  • Complete a thorough analysis of your legal entity
  • Prepare a growth milestone calendar
Phase 2-Establishment
  • Create business operations
  • Implementation program of business operations
  • Assist and train all company leaders
Phase 3-Expansion
  • Franchise set up assistance
  • Adding a second location
  • Offering new products or services
  • Organizational transitions
  • Adding new employees
Phase 4-Maturity
  • Create a value product/service
  • Creating a sales strategy to reach peak sales in the industry
  • Exploring new markets after peak has been reached
Phase 5-Retirement
  • Create an exit plan
  • Create a personal financial plan
  • Create a buy-sell agreement
  • Obtain and fund the right retirement plan, pension plan, match plan, etc.
  • Strategize and diversify long term investments
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Document Management


Many business owners attempt to manage their own books, only to learn the hard way that there is far more to bookkeeping than balancing a checkbook. Maintaining accurate books requires a vast knowledge base in order to make the most of every dollar earned and every dollar spent.

  • Pick up and drop off documents to and from clients location (For clients within a 20 mile radius)
  • For clients who are outside of our 20 mile radius will be enrolled in our box program (Call our office for details)
  • Organization of all back-up receipts
  • Reconcile all receipts to bank and credit card statements
  • Prepare annual binders for client with reports and all statements

*Financial Meetings


Financial meetings are seriously underrated. During financial meetings, company decision makers come together with one of our OfficeKEY business managers to discuss all the Key Performing Indicators that have been previously identified on the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Budget, Cash Flow Projections and Forecast Reports for proper strategizing and planning. This one-hour monthly exercise will identify problem areas in the business that need adjustments in order to take the company to a more profitable stage.

  • Discuss company ratios, margins, and liquidity
  • Review budgets vs. actuals
  • Future spending conversations
  • Strategizing conversation
  • Troubleshooting high level executive conversations
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*Forms Processing & All Business Documents


Paperwork is the bane of a business person’s existence, eating up hours a week of valuable time. These tasks are unwelcome interruptions that can eat up vital time better spent taking your business to the next level.

  • Respond to telephone, mail and e-mail correspondence
  • Sort and file all types of documents
  • Record Retention for 7 years
  • Document Management

Forensic Accounting

STAND ALONE SERVICE (We will need to quote you separately)

Forensic Accounting combined with investigative techniques is typically used to discover criminal and fraudulent transactions. Although we do provide this service, we also use Forensic Accounting to assist with business dissolutions, insurance claims and to validate the outcome of audits with any government agency. Our work has been fundamental in determining the outcome of cases such as ownership percentages during a divorce hearing and providing our clients the support they need in litigious cases with the IRS and EDD.

  • Collect and analyze all financial data
  • Create in-house processes, procedures, and policies to prevent financial fraud
  • Conduct interviews and investigation meetings where needed
  • Conduct problem solving sessions with all parties involved

Full Invoicing Services (AR)

STAND ALONE SERVICE (We will need to quote you separately)

The accounts receivable process involves customer onboarding, invoicing, deductions, and cash postings after payments are collected. There are a lot of other steps involved as well, such as credit postings and collections. Our full invoicing process takes care of this entire process, ensuring that cash flow is always as healthy as possible.

  • Manage Receivables.
  • Review and Prepare AR reports.
  • Documenting deposits onto accounting software.
  • Invoice all unbilled work orders.
  • Auditing income accounts including work orders.
  • Maintain communication with clients.
  • Manage and follow up with open invoices.
  • Auditing purchase orders.
  • Maintain communication with in-house team.
  • Properly furnish all invoicing inquiries to requestors.
  • Answer all accounting department inquiries.
  • Manage incoming checks and post payments to invoices.
  • Post payments to invoices for all ACH or direct deposit payments.
  • Scanning and posting deposits to bank.
  • Creating reports for owners
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Funding Processing


Many companies are not planning for growth due to low cash flow. This is holding your company back and setting the stage for bigger cash flow issues down the line. One of the most important parts of a business is to keep track of changing trends and needs that your company is providing for your clientele and not being able to meet those industry and social changes will set you up for failure. A way to mitigate this problem and ensure that you are investing in the future of your company is by obtaining business growth loans when you don’t need them so that you are cash ready for when those investing times come. Our team at OfficeKEY is ready to find those loan opportunities and apply on your behalf or work with your lender to fill out any forms needed and help you move your company forward.

  • Loan document processing assistance
  • Grant document processing assistance
  • Ongoing line of equity and grant compliance reporting
  • Periodic search of new funding opportunities
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HR Support


H/R departments and teams have been eliminated in most small companies, leaving a gap in support during a time when a worry free, comfortable work environment is crucial to mitigating exposure in your day to day operations. From employee handbooks to assistance with in house issues and concerns, strong H/R support offers business owners peace of mind.

  • Creating and updating Employee Handbooks
  • Benefits orientation information for new staff
  • Assistance with issues, questions relating to staff job classification and compensation issues and procedures, including new positions, reclassifications, salary and equity reviews and recommendations, and wages and salary regulations
  • Assistance with issues, questions relating to staff, including grievance administration, personnel policies, interpretation and administration, and performance management
  • Keeping your company in compliance with state and federal laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and Civil Rights Laws; and leave of absence administration.
  • Assistance with issues, questions relating to the employment process, including recruitment, selection and job posting procedures, staff appointment and hiring paperwork
  • Assisting with identifying, developing and presenting programs, workshops to support staff awareness and skill development, as well as staff personal development
  • Organize new employee orientations
  • Reduce resistance to new policies by communicating with employees’ weekly
  • Employee training to reduce the risk of negligent hiring lawsuits, workplace unnecessary incidents, financial loss and sexual harassment
  • Other training available per request and circumstances
  • Processing and monitoring any workman’s compensation related issues

Invoicing Support

STAND ALONE SERVICE (We will need to quote you separately)

There are many duties and responsibilities in the AR department, and it can be easy to miss a step. Therefore, having a support system is crucial for the success of the company's cash flow. We will assign a specialized accountant to assist your AR manager to ensure that all invoices are created, sent, and collected.

  • Work side-by-side with your in-house AR department (If department is unobtainable then this will need to be upgrade to Full Invoicing Support)
  • Tag team with your in-house assigned team member in the collections process
  • Manage and generate billing reports for invoicing department/li>
  • Maintain on-going communication with invoicing department
  • Monthly meetings to improve invoicing and collection processes
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Payroll Management


Inadequate payroll management can have leave a company at a disadvantage in the long term. Accurate payroll management assures completion of all necessary financial records as well as efficient time keeping for every team member.

  • Administration of all financial records of each employee
  • Responding to employee records requests
  • Maintaining and managing time-keeping system
  • Calculating and preparing all time sheets for payroll
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*Payroll Processing


Processing payroll can be a complicated and a time consuming task. There are quarterly and annual compliance deadlines, as well as tax payments that must all be tended to in a timely manner. Whether processing regular payroll, or year-end W2’s, worry free payroll services free you up for growing your business.

  • Processing Payroll
  • Variety of record keeping and payroll processing activities
  • Computing employee wage, reimbursement, military, jury duty, garnishments, levies, tax, and overtime payments
  • Calculating and recording payroll deductions
  • Processing termination checks
  • Balancing and controlling earnings, deduction totals
  • Determining and correcting out-of-balance payroll reports
  • Preparing, inspecting and filing tax reports
  • Gathering payroll data for financial statements
  • End of year W2 filing
  • Maintain related payroll records for 3 years
Briefcase icon for Special Projects Services

*Payroll Platform


Running your business without technology, apps or software is now impossible and if you are not shopping around, you will spend an extensive amount of your budget for supportive software. We have partnered with top payroll platforms allowing us the opportunity to offer their software to our clients at a fraction of what retail accounts go for.

  • The ability to streamline your payroll processes.
  • Have access to your own payroll software, specifically tailored to your in-house team and business needs without costing you hundreds of dollars
  • Have the immediate support of OfficeKEY payroll specialists when needing assistance in troubleshooting
  • Able to set up multiple users for your in-house team

Personal Matters


As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure things are running and operational; you, therefore, need to request funding such as loans and apply for credit cards and sign lease agreements as the guarantor. And on and on, your personal information begins to intermingle with the business that you get to a point where managing your personal information becomes a business property and liability and hard to keep up with. Running a business is also time-consuming for owners and in most cases, they don’t have time to attend to their personal matters. This service on our platform serves as your gate keeper for all your personal and valuable information and is available for our OfficeKEY team, to handle those personal matters on your behalf. Your business doesn’t have to stop running because you didn’t have time to fill out the application, we will help you keep the lights on.

  • Collection of personal data
  • Maintaining the most up to date data
  • Filling out forms associated to business lines of credit and credit cards that require personal data

Tax Planning


We plan for weddings, birthday parties, vacations, and even funerals. But tax planning doesn’t even make it on the list and it’s one of the most important steps we can take towards financial freedom. What many business owners ignore is that their business is more than the products and services they offer. Their business is the vehicle they can use to create a better financial future for their organization, employees, vendors, and family. Our business managers help our clients save thousands of dollars and redirect unhealthy expenses and convert them to healthy spending habits that create higher profitability and a brighter tomorrow. During your tax planning meetings with your business manager here at OfficeKEY, you will be able to see a full financial view of your business and plan your tax liability better. You’ll see where your business can affect your personal taxes and we will help you plan for that as well. We will also work hand-in-hand with your tax preparer if you choose not to use our office for that service.

  • During your financial meetings we will take a closer look at your profits and how they affect your business and personal tax liability
  • We will look at your assets on the balance sheet and plan depreciation in a more favorable way as there are multiple ways to depreciate your assets
  • We will dive in deeper on your owner draws, reasonable compensation and retained earnings to have a forecast on personal tax liability

Tax Preparation


If you are narrowing down your tax preparation to a one-time annual meeting with your tax preparer, you might be in for a big surprise. Sure, that might work for your personal taxes but if you have an S Corp, C Corp or LLC your personal taxes may be impacted as well. (See Tax Planning for more information on your personal taxes) At OfficeKEY, we start preparing for your tax filing the moment we reconcile your first quarter of the year. The upcoming months after you close your first quarter are crucial for the preparation of the filing of your business taxes. Your spending habits need to gear toward a more favorable profit margin, healthy balance sheet and adequate tax liability. With the guidance of our business managers and the assistance of our in-house tax preparers we will be able to see a guesstimated tax return months before they are due which will be crucial to the cash flow availability of your business.

  • Create a guesstimated tax return in May of the previous year to have a overview of the upcoming tax liability 
  • Incorporate possible investment and purchases to see the impact on future tax obligations
  • Create multiple scenarios on other beneficial expenses to lower tax liability and improve business overall

Transactional Accounting

STAND ALONE SERVICE (We will need to quote you separately)

Transactional Accounting is explained as an emphasis on the inputting, reporting and details of daily transactions that occur for an organization. The focus is on the individual transactions rather than the whole result (inputting, reporting and details) of the organization’s outcome for the end of the period (financial statements). In non-transactional accounting, there is less need for daily updates and attention to certain items, as the goal is to close out the period and produce financial statements. It is then that most of the attention is dedicated. This type of accounting is for fast-paced businesses that need their numbers and financial information on a weekly basis.

  • Providing daily updates on the status of transactions
  • Survey accounts daily i.e., for changes, fraud, charges etc
  • Daily check printing needs
  • Inputting of new transactions in quantity every day
  • Providing weekly statements/reports for an account

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