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Our team strives to be by your business’ side in every step of the way. Offering a wide range of services intended to provide the critical resources to perform all administration functions within your organization. For businesses of any size, bundled service packages are tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. Expert solutions – made simple.

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Many small businesses are caught unprepared when tax season rolls around, or an increase in credit line is needed for growth. Implementation of proper accounting and financial management protocols is critical to the stability and future of your business.

  • Proper allocation of expenses
  • Maintain general ledger accounts for reports
  • Enter all day-to-day income and expense transactions
  • Accounts payable data reconciliation
  • Accounts receivable data reconciliation
  • Properly furnish all information to requesting departments
  • Reconciling cash register reports, and all credit card and bank statements
  • Auditing all expense accounts/income accounts
  • Answer all accounting inquiries
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Accounts Payable


Vendor relationships are the backbone of many businesses. Making payments on time not only strengthens relationships with vendors, it also protects both short and long term credit prospects. Management of accounts payable will assure the lights stay on and bills get paid.

  • Prepare monthly calendars for client approval
  • Process payments on behalf of client
  • Maintain and manage a vendor list
  • Keep constant communication with vendors
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Many business owners attempt to manage their own books, only to learn the hard way that there is far more to bookkeeping than balancing a checkbook. Maintaining accurate books requires a vast knowledge base in order to make the most of every dollar earned and every dollar spent.

  • Organization of all back-up receipts
  • Reconcile all receipts to bank and credit card statements
  • Prepare annual binders for client with reports and all statements
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Budget Creation and Analysis


Entrepreneurs often underestimate the value of monthly analyses of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and budgeting, leaving themselves unprepared when assessing future growth and investments. The availability of an accurate and current Profit and Loss statement along with a budget ensures meeting of current financial commitments and planning for expansion.

  • Planning Profitability and Cash Flow review
  • Review Performance against last year/current year targets
  • Define financial year's profit and loss
  • Provide financial information, such as reports, to assist in decision making
  • Provide your key performance indicators
  • Insure you can continue to fund your current financial commitments
  • Insure there are enough funds for your future projects
  • Analyze all your expense accounts including payroll expense
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Development Assistance


Without proper planning, small businesses can suffer a lack of growth and stability. As well, business owners can find themselves unable to move forward with their own vision of retirement and security. Through the 5 phases in a comprehensive development assistance program: Growth – Establishment – Expansion – Maturity – Retirement, entrepreneurs can move forward in their business with unfettered confidence.

Phase 1-Growth
  • Monitor or revise your business plan
  • Complete a thorough analysis of your legal entity
  • Prepare a growth milestone calendar
Phase 2-Establishment
  • Create business operations
  • Implementation program of business operations
  • Assist and train all company leaders
Phase 3-Expansion
  • Franchise set up assistance
  • Adding a second location
  • Offering new products or services
  • Organizational transitions
  • Adding new employees
Phase 4-Maturity
  • Create a value product/service
  • Creating a sales strategy to reach peak sales in the industry
  • Exploring new markets after peak has been reached
Phase 5-Retirement
  • Create an exit plan
  • Create a personal financial plan
  • Create a buy-sell agreement
  • Obtain and fund the right retirement plan, pension plan, match plan, etc.
  • Strategize and diversify long term investments
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Forms Processing & All Business Documents


Paperwork is the bane of a business person’s existence, eating up hours a week of valuable time. These tasks are unwelcome interruptions that can eat up vital time better spent taking your business to the next level.

  • Respond to telephone, mail and e-mail correspondence
  • Sort and file all types of documents
  • Record Retention for 7 years
  • Document Management
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Human Resources


H/R departments and teams have been eliminated in most small companies, leaving a gap in support during a time when a worry free, comfortable work environment is crucial to mitigating exposure in your day to day operations. From employee handbooks to assistance with in house issues and concerns, strong H/R support offers business owners peace of mind.

  • Creating and updating Employee Handbooks
  • Benefits orientation information for new staff
  • Assistance with issues, questions relating to staff job classification and compensation issues and procedures, including new positions, reclassifications, salary and equity reviews and recommendations, and wages and salary regulations
  • Assistance with issues, questions relating to staff, including grievance administration, personnel policies, interpretation and administration, and performance management
  • Keeping your company in compliance with state and federal laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and Civil Rights Laws; and leave of absence administration.
  • Assistance with issues, questions relating to the employment process, including recruitment, selection and job posting procedures, staff appointment and hiring paperwork
  • Assisting with identifying, developing and presenting programs, workshops to support staff awareness and skill development, as well as staff personal development
  • Organize new employee orientations
  • Reduce resistance to new policies by communicating with employees’ weekly
  • Employee training to reduce the risk of negligent hiring lawsuits, workplace unnecessary incidents, financial loss and sexual harassment
  • Other training available per request and circumstances
  • Processing and monitoring any workman’s compensation related issues
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Payroll Management


Inadequate payroll management can have leave a company at a disadvantage in the long term. Accurate payroll management assures completion of all necessary financial records as well as efficient time keeping for every team member.

  • Administration of all financial records of each employee
  • Responding to employee records requests
  • Maintaining and managing time-keeping system
  • Calculating and preparing all time sheets for payroll
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Payroll Services


Processing payroll can be a complicated and time consuming task. There are quarterly and annual compliance deadlines, as well as tax payments that must all be tended to in a timely manner. Whether processing regular payroll, or year-end W2’s, worry free payroll services free you up for growing your business.

  • Processing Payroll
  • Variety of record keeping and payroll processing activities
  • Computing employee wage, reimbursement, military, jury duty, garnishments, levies, tax, and overtime payments• Calculating and recording payroll deductions
  • Processing termination checks
  • Balancing and controlling earnings, deduction totals
  • Determining and correcting out-of-balance payroll reports
  • Preparing, inspecting and filing tax reports
  • Gathering payroll data for financial statements
  • End of year W2 filing
  • Maintain related payroll records for 3 years
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Special Projects


Occasionally an unanticipated project arises that needs immediate and expertise attention. A reliable resource can assure these tasks are tended to in a timely and well informed manner.

  • Any additional paperwork or project outside of the day-to-day scope of business process such as bidding assistance, loan document processing assistance, etc.
  • Ongoing line of equity compliance reporting
  • Providing assistance on an unforeseen resource business need

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